Our Large Bellamy equine transportation trailer easily converts from Standing to box stalls with ease.  With 6 head to head standing stalls, four head to head larger stalls or 3 large roomy box stalls, the trailer is equipped for all eventualities and size of horse or pony.  There is also a stand alone stall at the front of the trailer.  We also have the option of turning the stalls around, to allow for "side on" travelers if required or preferred

The Gooseneck section of the trailer has its own large onboard water tank and room for tack trunks and equipment, and is also fitted with a CCTV camera.

The trailer has two side ramps that slide out from the body of the trailer on either side which allows for ease of loading and the same feature is also on the smaller stand alone stall

All horses are shipped in stalls that are fully bedded and with ample hay.

Horse trailer stalls
Horse trailer standing stalls
Horses loaded and ready for shipping
Happy horses on the trailer
The Horse Limo
The Horse Limo - Equine Transportation in Canada and the United States