"Mitch and driver... you guys were great!! Apache, my 4 year old, made it safe and sound.He came in the worst weather for his arrival, a really big snow storm in Halifax. But you guys were great even though he did not want to get off the trailer and who can blame him for that.You guys are true professionals at your work. Anyone who reads this, hire them!!! They're great at what they do!"

Scott Buckle
Enfield, Nova Scotia


"Mitch brought my guy for me in September.

She was great...plans were made, times set, etc....at the last minute the seller had to have the horse out "now". I called Mitch and she was flexible, picked my guy up at the racing barn and brought him home. I never met her... someone at the racing barn loaded him and my aunt and sister received him.

Having said that, my aunt and sister were impressed with them, their way with the horse and their professionalism. The trailer was nice, obviously maintained and clean.

The fee was less than half of what I was quoted by two "non professional" people... friend giving me a break. They have a minimum charge, tell you upfront what it will cost you...no add-ons at the end.

I will definitely use their service again."


"The Horse Limo has transported a lot of horses to a barn I was at, For a long time I thought the one horse she was brining over (a few times a month) was her horse because she looked after him so well! Always follows owners instructions, and really does care about the horse and always makes sure they are comfortable. I am way over the top protective of my horse, and my dad always trailers him for me, but if he ever couldn't I would send him on The Horse Limo and not worry at all."


"Mitch is amazing! She moved my horses to our new farm and she was very professional. I highly recommend her!"


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